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Sun, Jul 03 05:07

Junior EU project managers workshop


Sun, July 03 2022 05:07


Project Management workshop for beginner project managers of EC framework programme actions.
-ARMA-NL members in the Netherlands and Flanders.
-EU project managers with about 6-24 months experience
-Max 70 ARMA-NL members (consultancy-companies: max 2 people)
A workshop for/with senior project managers is set on 25 May 2021.

Over two half-days: 11 & 18 May 2021, 9:00-12:00

Edwin Kanters (VU)
Roy Pennings (3DImpact)
Merel-Marlijn Sondervan (UMC Utrecht, MeSo, will be present at the 2nd day)

Subjects being discussed are:
Day 1
- Introduction to project management
- Managing your project life cycle
- The peculiarities of project management in H2020/HEU
- H2020 vs HEU regulation/differences/good to know
- Internal and external and the position and role of the project manager in a university setting
Day 2
- Organizing consortium meetings – how to? Sharing good practice and the difference between online/on-site meetings
- Dissemination & exploitation: what is it, how to do it?
- Reporting & cash flow - how to? Sharing good practice and process flows
- Communication with the PI and Project Officer
- What to do when it doesn’t go according to plan A? Addressed topics are, inter alia, termination, force majeure, mitigation and amendments

The course will be given in English

To register: after log in (as a member, top right on the page) in the grey box a mint button will appear with 'Register Yourself'. If you were a member in the past, but only paid after Oct 2020, it may be that the system did not put you on Paid. Please email info at armanl dot nl.

The link to the meetings will be send to the registrants one day before the meetings after 13:00.