Fri, Oct 22 03:51

Project management congress 2019

Delft, The Netherlands

Fri, October 22 2021 03:51


Project management congress 2019

Delft University of Technology and the Project Management Institute (PMI) Netherlands Chapter are delighted to invite you to participate in the international Project Management Congress “ADAPT or DIE” on Thursday 11 April and Friday 12 April 2019.

Research meets Practice: Project Management 3.0.

Project management today is based on data, insights and experience in the field, but the nexus of successful projects is skilled people.  How improve the connection between Industry, Academia, and Professional organizations to address the skills gap of the future?  Will our workforce of the future be  ready for the challenges ahead? It’s time to build bridges between this disciplines.  But we intend to go further,  the requirements of projects are changing.  Business are now looking at different models and approaches to execution, and new metrics to test success.  Our goal is to bring the discussion into business outcomes, beyond project processes, to get to the real value of projects to all of us.

At the PMCongress2019 we will have talks by

– Researchers in academia will bring the data and insights focusing on what we know, how we know it and what is trending for the future.  You will hear from an international contingent researching who have studied projects, processes, and people. But always with a view to success in the field.

– Business leaders will bring their understanding of the value of projects in meeting strategic business objectives in their organizations.  They also understand the challenges and the changing landscape of projects (the content, timelines and measurements applied to results).

– Practitioners, the Project Managers in the field and PMI the organization that certifies and supports them. Just as projects are changing to adapt to business disruption, so to are the organizations.

To the end…. reflect on adaption and adoption of change across the new, connected landscape.  We will also focus on  theory, practice and, most important, theory AND practice. Together we will listen, challenge and reflect to learn how to adapt in the way we learn and practice the execution of projects in the field.  We will also focus on what changes are needed in the content and method we use to prepare the current and future workforce.

The PMCongress will  also use a variety of ways of sharing: journey presentations, research summaries, Ted-Talk style presentations, workshops,  innovation cafes will be used. All this augmented with an app to carry the conversations into the Meetup space and beyond the conference.  We invite you to join the challenge: help us consider the future.  Invest in 2 days to be inspired by, and inspire others.