Tue, Jun 28 10:03

Research Administrator Day: 25 September


Tue, June 28 2022 10:03


Just for fun - Have a great Research Administrator Day!

National Research Administrator Day is observed annually on September 25. This is a day to recognize the contributions made by administrators every day.

Research Administrators and Managers serve an important role in supporting research. They assist the faculty and researchers, protect the institution or organization and assure sound stewardship of sponsored research dollars. Research Administration is found in many types of organizations around the world. It’s in higher education from liberal arts colleges to research universities, health and medical institutions, research institutions, federal and both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Starting with a small number of individuals in the late 1940s until present day, with thousands of acknowledged professionals worldwide, research administrators and managers provide value and expertise to the global research enterprise.

How to observe

Take your favorite Research Administrator or Manager to lunch to thank them for all they do. Take photos and post on social media using #ResearchAdministratorDay


National Research Administrator Day was submitted by NCURA in August of 2015. The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Research Administrator Day to be observed annually on September 25. 

Read more about this excellent initiative, which should be made global, at this web page...

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